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How Would YOU Like Instant $6 Payments
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Add your personal pro or business Payza e-mail address to this instant money and advertising system and you will become one of many members who earn money with this system just for advertising their own websites and programs!

Your Sponsors Ads

When you join, you will receive your own unique referral url to send visitors to. You will earn $6 from each new member you sign up... But, on top of that, you will also receive advertising space, like below, that you can fill with your own advertisements...

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Random Member Ads

Your advertisements are also going to randomly rotate on ALL other members referral urls. This is going to send even more clicks to your ads. It will work just like the advertisements below...

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Joining Is A Simple TWO Step Process!

Simply click on the displayed payment button at the bottom of this page and pay your $6 sponsorship fee to the verified SweBux SuperAds sponsor. Sponsors are ALWAYS paid first, just like you will be!

Follow through Payza back to here and you will be redirected to the account creation page where you will be asked to complete the setup by paying the administration fee of $3.

Your account will be instantly activated, your id will start showing in rotation, and you will be able to login and plug your advertisements into the system.


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