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By joining SweBux SuperAds, you agree to follow the terms set forth. You also agree that everyones earning potentials vary and although SweBux SuperAds represents its products and services to the best possible, your earnings may vary from any other members earnings.

You agree not to hold SweBux SuperAds.com or its employes responsible or reliable for your success or failure. Your earnings are completely in your control and all payments are sent directaly to you.

You agree not to hold SweBux SuperAds.com or its employes responsible or reliable for any chargebacks you may receive from other users. You are more than welcome to contact SweBux SuperAds and provide the users information. SweBux SuperAds will conduct a investigation and if found that the user did in fact do a chargeback, the users account will be removed.

Please make sure you fully understand the rules about unsolicited advertising. All sponsors who join the system will be issued with a sponsor URL to send their own prospects to join the system via their own personal ID. The URL is issued with your sponsor ID included in the address. You may use this URL to link to from your website, by sending in email messages and sending direct traffic there to.

SweBux SuperAds operates a strict ANTI SPAM policy and WILL DELETE any sponsor instantly that uses their link in any form of unsolited advertising. SweBux SuperAds takes SPAM complaints very seriously and will make NO exceptions to this rule.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent SweBux SuperAds and its potential. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money. Always perform full Due Diligence and seek appropriate Professional advice when contemplating any business endeavor or investment opportunity.

You must understand and agree to all the above conditions before proceeding to join SweBux SuperAds.

SweBux SuperAds.com reserves the right to change these terms as seen fit at any time.


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